Upcoming Events


May 16th-17th

Classes start promptly at 8am.

Hope to see you there!

Judges:  Pam Landis & Ellie Raidt


June 20th-21st

 Jim Brandon Equestrian Center

7500 Forest Hill Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL  33413

Judges: Ellie Raidt & Jeremy Greene


July 18th-19th

Looking for something to do this weekend? Head on over to Jim Brandon Equestrian Center to check us out!

Judges: Lauren Briggs & Geoff Teall

Fall Circuit Dates:

September 12th-13th
Judges: Scott Fitton & Claudia Roland

October 24th-25th

Judges: Rob Bielefeld & Carrie Buxton

November 21st-22nd

Judges: Jim Giblin & Sue Ashe

2020 Officers & Governing Board

For general inquiries please contact:

Tanja Koschnick, President



President | Tanja Koschnick

Vice President | Peggy Thorndyke

Secretary | Judith Arco

Treasurer | Joni Livingston

Board Member | Abbi Bentz

Board Member | Melissa Friedman
Board Member | Rachel Korthals

Board Member | Jeannie Yermes
Board Member | Remin Ozbay

Visit us at:

Jim Brandon Equestrian Center

Okeeheelee Park

7500 Forest Hill Blvd.

W. Palm Beach, FL 33413

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